Centre for Visual Introspection / Bucharest

Centre for Visual Introspection (CIV) is an initiative of artists Anca Benera, Arnold Estefan, Catalin Rulea and art historian Alina Serban, a self-organized, independent platform dedicated to the artistic production at the borders of cultural theory, research, architecture, design and sound experiment. The term “introspection” points CIV as an observing agency, which advocates specific self-reflexive methods of interlinking the social space with the art space.
Centre for Visual Introspection is a process-based collaborative project engaged in an ongoing survey upon the condition of individual within the sphere of arts and politics. CIV functions as a mobile and mediating structure connected to the community life, which assumes the task of articulating new forms of cultural pedagogy that would shape differently the discursive space shared by cultural producers and their audiences.
A particular attention is dedicated to the research and theoretization of local artistic practices and discourses, addressing their specificities and cultural subjectivities in the light of recent political and social shifts taken place in Central and Eastern Europe. In this direction, Centre for Visual Introspection seeks to develop collaborative projects with a variety of partners, attempting to engage itself in a dynamic exchange with different local and international cultural producers.
Centre for Visual Introspection is legally represented by Asociatia pepluspatru.

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