GeoAIR / Tbilisi

GeoAIR is a non-for-profit organization that was founded in 2003 and is based in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. It organizes and supports international exchange projects with the goal of strengthening the Georgian and Caucasian art world, bringing together artists from different cultural backgrounds and finding relevant contexts for them to work in. Besides this, GeoAIR stimulates and raises awareness and engagement with art and culture from this region. Over the last years, GeoAIR has also become an intermediary for individuals and organizations that seek connection with the arts in this region.
The GeoAIR residency program is a self directed residency program, that primarily offers curators and cultural producers as well as artists the opportunity to base themselves in Tbilisi and use this location as a starting point to build networks, meet artists, cultural institutions and curators from the Caucasus region, and develop and deepen their knowledge and research of the Caucasus context. In return local artists, curators and organizations will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge about the innovative ways that many international curators are working. The aim of GeoAIR is to encourage different ways of thinking about and approaching issues of artistic and professional development, dialogue, exchange, and research within the Caucasus context. GeoAIR offers a dynamic residency model designed around tapping into the regional context of the residency.
GeoAIR assists in the realization, investigation and conception of new productions and research through connecting the resident with the suited organizations, curators, artists, venues and research opportunities in relation to the proposed project. GeoAIR’s flexible platform enables the program and the resident to work with a wide variety of partners on innovative project collaborations. In addition, GeoAIR offers a substantial archive that sets out to map the art activity within the Caucasus region, and asks each resident to contribute to this database.

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