Photo Documentation

of the Exhibition at Art Today Association / Plovdiv

Duration: 11th of July – 13th of July 2014

Art Today Association is located in the center of Plovdiv.... an ancient bath. 0aussen_3 The cupola of the main space in the front: Gabriele Edlbauer, 'Demolition Derby. Accident 1: Das Paradeis die Böschung runter', 2013. Veronika Tzekova, from the series 'Space Appropriators', 2012/13. Katharina Lackner, 'Tak Tak', video, 2012. left: Yesim Agaoglu, Untitled, Poetry Installation, 1996-2014; right: Alexandru Raevschi, 'Friendly fire, which we won', 2010. Yesim Agaoglu, Untitled, poetry installation, 1996-2014. Michael Aschauer, '0EURO note (0EURO PROJECT)', 2004-2012. 2 video works by Michael Aschauer, amongst them the 'Bosporus Panorama' on the right. Dan Acostioaei, 'SSS (Strasser Severin Survey)', 2013. Gamlet Zinkovskyi, 'Strollin...', 2012/14. Gamlet Zinkovskyi, 'Strollin...', 2012/14. Michael Hieslmair, Michael Zinganel, drawings from the work 'NGO City', 2013. Group Bouillon, 'Religious Aerobics', 2010-13. Vasili Subbotin / Stepan Subbotin, 'Line', 2014. Vasili Subbotin / Stepan Subbotin, 'Line', 2014. Ilgen Arzik, from the series 'Flags', 2011-13. Ilgen Arzik, from the series '...based on actual events', 2013. Markus Hahn / Michael Dobrindt 'ActiveHybrid (Turbinenstyling)', video, 2014. Christoph Schwarz, 'Rhodopia', video, 2012. Mher Azatyan, Untitled, 2012/13. Karl Karner / Linda Samaraweerova, 'Greenwax On', video, 2013. Paran Pour, 'The Chess Palace', video, 2012. Catrin Bolt, 'Sights', 2012.