at Hilger BROTKunsthalle / Vienna

on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 7 pm
Photos of the opening by J.J. Kucek

Introductory words by Ernst Hilger (2nd from the right) Audience listening to the opening speeches. Dr. Martin Eichtinger (head of the International Cultural Policy department at the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs) speaks on the occastion of the opening. Also Eva Meran & Margarethe Makovec (< rotor >) say some introductory words. Audience during the opening speech. Participating artists. Visitors looking at the work 'Demolition Derby' by Gabriele Edlbauer. Visitors in front of the work 'NGO City' by Hieslmair/Zinganel. In the room behind: an installation by Michael Aschauer ('Blocked / Engelli  / Disabled'), and on the right the work 'SSS (Strasser Severin Survey') by Dan Acostioaei. Here to be seen: The second part of the work 'Demolition Derby' by Gabriele Edlbauer. Dejan Dukic performing sound on the sculpture '1056 cm x 85 aus Samtkasten' by Karl Karner. View into the large hall with works by Gabriele Edlbauer, Yesim Agaoglu, Catrin Bolt, ZIP group and Katharina Lackner. In the background: The video work 'Greenwax On' documenting a performance by Karner/Samaraweerova and a print from the series 'Friendly fire, which we won' by Alexandru Raevschi. On the left: a photo series by Mher Azatyan. Here to be seen: Works by Gabriele Edlbauer, Gamlet Zinkovskyi (on the wall) and Katharina Lackner (on the ceiling). Visitors listening to audio tracks from the work 'NGO CIty' by Hieslmair/Zinganel. Dan Acostioaei Yesim Agaoglu Ilgen Arzik Michael Aschauer Mher Azatyan Catrin Bolt Gabriele Edlbauer Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel Karl Karner & Linda Samaraweerova Konstantine Kitiashvili Katharina Lackner Paran Pour Alexandru Raevschi Christoph Schwarz Vasili Subbotin & Evgeny Rimkevich (ZIP group) Veronika Tzekova Gamlet Zinkovskyi