[KSA:K] – Center for Contemporary Art / Chisinau

[KSA:K] – Center for Contemporary Art Chisinau is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent institution registered in the year 2000.
The [KSA:K] mission is to contribute to the accreditation of the contemporary art practices in the Republic of Moldova by the encouragement of the new forms of artistic and cultural expression that would reflect the dynamics of the social, political and economical transformations of the country. The Center pleads for the integration of the local practices in the international cultural circuit.
[KSA:K] emphasizes on supporting a new generation of socially active artists, capable of questioning the legitimacy of the official cultural policy, with its inheritance of the totalitarian past. In this sense, the Center is in a continuous search for cultural forms, which would correspond to the newly established social, political and economic order of a society in transition. The opening up of the local artistic scene should lead to the joining of a broad international cultural dialogue. [KSA:K] encourages new means of artistic expression and usage of new mediums, which we complement with adequate critical theories.

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